The video above appears to feature an exclusive first look at sex scenes of actress Emma Watson starring as “Spider-Man”…

Emma Watson Spider-man sex

As we can see from this trailer and the photos below, after being thwarted by The Avengers the villain Thanos travels through the multiverse and arrives in a new universe prepared to resume his quest for the infinity stones… Only in this universe Emma Watson is Spider-Man, and the infinity stone that Thanos so desperately needs just happens to be her favorite butt plug.


Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson

Of course when the news leaked out that Emma Watson would be playing Spider-Man in this film instead of foppish homoqueer English actor Tom Holland, many worried that she was far too “butch” for the role as Tom’s feminine energy was beloved by the mouth-breathing infidel movie going audiences.

Emma Watson sexy jeans

However, even though Emma did certainly tone up for the part, she does appear to do well following in Tom’s footsteps by matching his femininity…

Emma Watson sexy ass

As Emma even got her ass nearly as tight and round as his.

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