Hawk Tuah Hailey Welch

According to sources the viral sensation “Hawk Tuah Girl” (legal name Hailey Welch) has captivated former President Donald Trump by spitting facts, and is now far and away the frontrunner to be named as his running mate for the upcoming US Presidential election.

In fact, the video above appears to feature a leaked version of the dynamic duos new campaign AD… Suggesting that Hawk Tuah girl’s Vice Presidential announcement is now imminent.

Of course many in the American political arena will be disappointed on missing out on this coveted spot… And no one more than the Edmonton Oiler’s flasher girl, who (despite being a Canadian) was considered by most political pundits as the odds on favorite to be Trump’s VP earlier this month.

Hawk Tuah Girl meme

But Hawk Tuah girl’s meme power is certainly far too strong to be ignored, and her message of “spit on dat thang” really resonates with the voting public.

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