Ana de Armas nude

Actress Ana de Armas appears to reprise her role as the AI sex bot “JOI” in the promotional pics below from the much anticipated sequel “Blade Runner 2”.

Of course we all know that heathen Hollywood completely ran out of ideas for films sometime in the early 2000’s and since then they’ve produced nothing but shitty remakes and sequels, so it certainly comes as no surprise that they would now make a sequel of a shitty remake…

Especially since Ana’s performance in the remade “Blade Runner” film (above) was so well received by infidel audiences… For while the idea of an advanced holographic sex slave like Ana was viewed as unimaginably dystopian in the civilized Islamic world, the hopelessly depraved Westerners were enthralled with the thought… So this sequel will no doubt be a smashing success, and earn the Satanic Zionists many shekels.

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