Carrie Fisher nude

Behind-the-scenes photos of actress Carrie Fisher flaunting her nude ass cheeks and blasphemously bare female body in her depraved “Slave Lea” costume while on the set of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” have just been uncovered and released online in the gallery below.

There is no denying that Carrie Fisher’s “Slave Lea” scene was an iconic moment in Western cinema… For seeing this taut young woman chained up to a grotesque blob of a creature with the suggestion that she was performing sexual favors for him was a shockingly honest look at how the Zionists run heathen Hollywood.

Of course just like Lea, Carrie Fisher no doubt grit her teeth and served her disgusting owner Jabba George Lucas. Which explains why Carrie’s body gave out at a relatively early age, as these obese Hollywood ogres pawing and sobering all over her supple flesh no doubt took its toll both physically and mentally.

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