Chloe Grace Moretz nude

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz appears to make her triumphant return to the big screen in the nude promotional stills below from her new film tentatively titled “Lady E and the Big D” in which she portrays renowned 19th century English novelist Lady Elenore Dickinbox of Cotswold.

Of course for anyone familiar with English literature the amount of gratuitous nudity in this film certainly comes as no surprise. For Lady Elenore was known for being quite the spirited wench, and she would often draw on her real life sexual experiences for her classic stories like “Pride and Penises”, “Jane Derriere”, and “Whoring Heights”.

Chloe Grace Moretz boobs

Unfortunately for Chloe, while Lady Elenore’s degeneracy may have been a hit with the deeply depraved high society of her day, times in the future caliphate of Britainstan have changed… And so Chloe will no doubt soon get a crash course on the only book that matters… The Holy Qur’an… Specifically the Sharia law section on how to deal with salacious sluts.

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