Disha Patani nude

Indian actress Disha Patani’s nude selfie photos appear to have been released online in the gallery below.

With the pagan holiday of Thanksgiving just around the corner these Disha nudes are apropos, as they serve as an important reminder of the plight of our Muslim brothers in Pakistan… For if the Pilgrims thought they had it bad dealing with the rowdy redskin Indians, they have no idea what us Muslims have been subjected to from the street shitting heathen Hindu cow worshipping variety like Disha.

Yes the dot-headed degenerate Indians are by far the worse type one can encounter… For not only does their food stink to high heaven, but their women are all wanton Jezebels like Disha who are constantly flaunting their sickeningly sinful “bobs and vegana” (as they say in their country) on camera.

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