The video above appears to feature two outtake scenes of actress Jewel Staite’s showing off her nude breasts on the Sci-Fi series “Stargate Atlantis”.

Jewel Staite nude

Of course it certainly is not science fiction that Jewel Staite would brazenly bare her blasphemous breasts like this, for she has always been an immoral exhibitonist who gets off on flaunting her Canadian chesticles.

Jewel Staite nude

Unfortunately this Satanic snow slut will no doubt continue to ocularly assault our pious Muslim eyes with her sex organs, for Canada is a backwards and barbaric frozen tundra of depravity which Muslim invaders refugees are reluctant to come culturally enrich.

Jewel Staite sexy

However we can rest assured with the knowledge that one day even shithole countries like Canada will succumb to Sharia law… And when it does the stones of justice await Jewel Staite.

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