Lynda Carter nude

1970’s sex symbol and the original “Wonder Woman” actress Lynda Carter appears to have just had the nude outtakes below from her various sultry photo shoots uncovered and released online.

Us pious Muslims are pretty sure that Lynda Carter is dead by now and burning for all eternity in the Hellfire… But on the off chance that she is still alive, her 100 years-old ass needs to be dragged before a Sharia court so that she can answer for these crimes against morality.

For there is no statute of limitations on Allah’s divine law, and so all brazen Jezebels will one day answer for their heinous nude crimes… And it is incumbent upon us righteous Muslims to see to it that the scales of justice are brought into balance sooner rather than later, so if she is alive let us issue a fatwa to Lynda’s assisted living center demanding that she be turned over at once.

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