Sofya Arzhanykh nude

The video below features Russian actress Sofya Arzhanykh’s nude scenes from the TV series “Tsikady” enhanced in high definition.

Despite the West spending 100s of billions of dollars and claiming imminent victory in their proxy war in Ukraine, Russia is still turning out Slavic sluts like Sofya Arzhanykh who have no qualms about showcasing their supple Soviet tit sacks on camera like this.

This of course should come as no surprise, as us powerful Muslims know firsthand just how inept the American military is… For we kicked the shit out of them for decades in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and they have now cowardly run away in defeat. So Russia would be wise not to anger us with this sort of deeply depraved displays, for if we were to gift Ukraine just one of our war camel battalions they’d no doubt be beating down the gates of Moscow in a week.

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